Men for Christ (MFC)


We Welcome all our Men for the Fellowship every Sunday from 11.15am to 12.15pm
Our Vision is to Pray, Praise, Meditate the Word of God, to Encourage each other and to Support our Church.

Weekly Program

11.15 – Opening Prayer
11.20 - Song 
11.30 - 1 Min Prayer by each member 
       Current Prayer Points
       1. Pray for Birthdays and Wedding Anniversarys of members 
       2. Pray for God’s Kingdom and Earthly Souls to be saved 
       3. Pray for Missionaries, Bishops and Pastors
       4. Pray for Singapore and Govt. Authorities
       5. Pray for Peace of Jerusalem, India and all countries
       6. Pray for MFC, PCC, Functional Groups and all other Churches.
Pray for the Missions we support.
       8. Other prayer points 
– Celebration of Hope-2019

11.40 - Witnesses / Other matters 
11.45 - Bible Sharing, Q&A and Discussion etc...
12.10 - Offering and Closing Prayer.

Hope MFC will continue to grow by individual prayers and with the help of Holy Spirit.
Thank and Praise God for everyone who regularly join MFC and pray that more men will join.

Upcoming Plans

1. Open Bible Quiz on Mark
2. Narayana Mission Visit
3. MFC Retreat 
4. Shirt – MFC Uniform
MFC Budget

Feedbacks and Suggestions are Welcome for Improvement.